Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that distinguishes a company from its competitors. Every company, therefore, needs a recognised brand that identifies it in the market place. We provide a range of Graphic Design services directed at raising the brand profile of your business. We work closely with you to develop your perfect brand, or enhance your existing brand to maximise its potential.

We can offer Graphic Design services for both print and online usage and will create an outstanding web design for your company’s website. Depending on your requirements we will employ multiple practices, including User Experience and Wireframing, to produce your website design in PhotoShop Design (PSD) formats.

We believe that listening to our client’s needs and opinions is a vital component of a successful Graphic Design service. No matter how small or how complex a branding project, our structured approach always puts the client at the heart of the design.

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DigiPlix offers a vast range of Web Design services. Depending on your budget and needs we can work with you to create the ideal design for your website.

First, we will go through a Wireframing process with you to visualise the elements of your website's layouts. Then, we will employ User Experience techniques to ensure that users navigate your website in the most optimal and logical way. Once you are happy with the Wireframes we will then create a variety of PhotoShop designs before consulting with you on the final design of your website.

At DigiPlix we understand that not all businesses have a large Web Design budget. In this case we offer an alternative service whereby we generate ideas with you from elements you like from other, already existing websites. Based on these, and on your initial requirements, we will then create your perfect website design.

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If your company does not yet have a logo, or if you wish to re-design your existing logo, DigiPlix will work with you to create one. We will go through a design phase based on your business brand and, following consultation, we will convert your preferred design into a new logo. We will provide you with unlimited design revisions until you are happy with the end result. Once your logo is has been delivered it can be used for both print and web.
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Your business may not just rely on web communication, so we offer design services for your print needs as well, including:
  • Business Cards
  • Document Templates
  • Brochure Design
We will also work with you to create designs for any other print needs that your business has. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and one of the team will get in touch with you.
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DigiPlix will create for your business a variety of graphics for use on all of the popular social media platforms. Whether banner images, or graphics for individual posts, we will work with you to create designs based on your requirements and business branding.
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On the web, being consistent with your branding is vital. If you send frequent emails you may want to have email templates created that exemplify your brand. We can design and create for you HTML templates that can be used in standard emails through your preferred email software. Our email templates can also be designed to work with any mailing service (such as MailChimp, for example), that you may choose to use.
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