Effective marketing requires an effective strategy, and an effective strategy demands a thorough understanding of our clients’ business. We follow a four stage process from consultation to delivery that puts at the heart of each stage a close working relationship with our clients. In this way we create an organic process through which plans and outcomes can be continually modified.

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This is the initial consultation phase of our process. In collaboration with you we will determine your real business needs and aspirations. Our aim is to ensure that the marketing strategy we deliver is tailored precisely to your company profile.

From the detailed information you provide we will prepare a comprehensive specification that will form the foundation of your project with us. In addition, we will conduct targeted market research, including an analysis of competing websites and current popular trends.

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Each element of the marketing strategy can now be planned into an overall package of services. This, in turn, will be broken down into an individual plan for each of the services you have requested from us. Once completed we will be able to fully cost the project and will provide you with a firm proposal along with expected milestone and delivery dates.

Following acceptance of our proposal we will present you with our commercial contract and, upon acceptance of this, we will commence implementation of the project.

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We will now commence design and construction of your website. Preparation of SEO and Digital Marketing campaigns will also begin, including keyword research and customer profiling.

During this process we will regularly consult with you for appraisal and feedback. If necessary, revisions can be incorporated at this stage of the process prior to delivery of the contract. You will, for example, be able to undertake hands on testing of your website, thereby refining its design.

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Our aim will be to deliver your website on time along with launch of your SEO and Digital Marketing campaigns. As with every other stage in the development of your marketing strategy, our priority is to include our clients as an integral part of the total process. This includes delivery of the final product.

DigiPlix will regularly report to you during the entire period of your SEO and Digital Marketing campaigns. We will monitor the success of our strategies and will furnish monthly reports detailing measurable outcomes and outlining future actions. We can also offer ongoing web support via a hosting contract where DigiPlix will undertake to maintain your website to ensure its efficient and secure operation.

Our processes allow us to offer our clients an effective marketing strategy at an affordable price that will lead to higher market share and increased company profitability.

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