How to Use Social Media Marketing as a Local Business

How to use social media marketing as a local business
Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that allows small companies to target large audiences for an affordable price. Find out how to use it properly with this guide.

How to Create Posts in WordPress in 2019

how to create posts in wordpress
You've probably thought about writing a blog post but had no idea how to upload it. After reading this tutorial, you will be a WordPress wizard when it comes to creating your own articles.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Why Keyword Research Is Important
Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Understanding which keywords you can rank for is important. Understanding which keywords you should be ranking for is completely different.

How to Install and Activate Plugins on a WordPress Website

There are times that you will want to add to the functionality of your WordPress website through the use of plugins. In this tutorial we will look at two methods to install and activate plugins on WordPress websites.

5 Things You Must Do To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings in 2019

How to Improve SEO
Optimising your website for SEO is a simple, yet effective strategy for improving your search rankings. Here we guide you through some of the things you can implement to get you on the right track.

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